Book Summary

If you’re feeling the pull of your next adventure, How to Sell a Business for What It’s Really Worth is the book for you. This 90-minute read is packed with friendly, actionable advice. Learn how to get the most cash for the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve invested in your business.

In How to Sell a Business for What It’s Really Worth, you will discover:

  • The first (and smartest) thing you must do once you decide to sell
  • How to steer clear of pitfalls that make buyers walk away
  • Why buyers have different hot buttons, and how to react to them
  • 17 questions you must answer before you put your business up for sale
  • Why the golf course method of business valuation is not enough
  • How your financial statements can reveal where to build equity
  • Which sticking point can cost the most money and headaches – and how to control it
  • Why it’s smart to negotiate a consulting fee for yourself
  • How to choose who stays and who goes in a merger
  • How to keep your employees from running for the hills
  • The one simple tactic that moves a dragging deal forward
  • 10 red flags that you should not go through with the sell
  • Why you should sell a failing business instead of fold it
  • 12 interview questions you must ask your advisers
  • The Dance of the Deal:  what to expect in a typical scenario
  • How to exit with grace and dignity

You will also get instant access to these interactive, downloadable spreadsheets:

  • Business Selling Timeline:  list and track your business-selling activities
  • Partial-Sell Calculator:  translate a buy-in offer into actual dollars

Work through this book and you may find yourself owning a business that is so well-run and profitable that you decide not to sell it.

Table of Contents:

  1. Let the Selling Begin
  2. Think Like a Buyer
  3. Ready to Sell:  Test Time
  4. Selling Price:  Book Value Plus Intangibles
  5. Business Valuation:  First Step to a Selling Price
  6. Preparing for Your Business Valuation
  7. Line-by-Line Strategies to Increase Your Selling Price
  8. The Plan-Organize-Control-Feedback Loop
  9. Inventory I:  Time for a Trip to the Warehouse
  10. Inventory II:  What’s It Really Worth?
  11. Technology:  The Never-Ending Chase
  12. Evaluating Your Brand
  13. Your Management Team
  14. Know Your Buyers:  Are They Inside or Outside the Company?
  15. Partial Sell:  When You Don’t Want to Sell it All
  16. If Your Business is Sinking:  How to Sell the Titanic
  17. The Pot of Money You Need to Sell Your Business
  18. “The Dance of the Deal” and How to Keep it Moving
  19. A Graceful Exit
    12 Interview Questions to Ask Your Team of Professional AdvisorsRed Flags and Deal Breakers:  10 Signals That You Should Not Go Through With the Sell
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